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We are happy, that you are interested in our church!

The FeG is a church of all generations, where we hold services together and share our lifes and our beliefs. Everybody is welcome: Babys, the young generation, families, seniors and internationals. That is how we learn and profit from each other. We want our events and services to be attractive for all of these groups. No matter if going to church is as natural to you as eating and drinking or if you are not used to go there at all. We want to give you a warm welcome and we hope that you feel at home.

Our service starts every Sunday at 10am in our parish rooms (Dieselstraße 52, Ettlingen).

If you have any questions: Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to meet you.


Further Information:

Freie evangelische Gemeinde (FeG) signifys Free Protestant Church.

Free (Frei) symbolizes primarily that we are free in our decision for Jesus Christ and free to be part of this church and to share our faith. It also means that we are independent of the Protestant Regional Church. So we don’t profit from church taxes, instead we ask our members and friends for volunteer donations.

We call us protestant (evangelisch), because united with other protestant churches we are rooted in the tradition of the Reformation. We also want the Gospel (Evangelium) with its good news of god’s love for everybody to be part of our lifestyle.

And at last we are a church (Gemeinde) where we want to share our beliefs. 480 FeGs in Germany are joined together as Bund freier evangelischer Gemeinden. We also feel related to Christians in other churches and stay in contact, e.g. we are part of the Evangelische Allianz.